Hungarian Medical Association of the United Kingdom (Brit Magyar Orvosszövetség) HMA-UK

Our Objectives

Hungarian Medical Association of the United Kingdom


(Brit Magyar Orvosszövetség)

Name of the organisation:

Hungarian Medical Association of the United Kingdom (in Hungarian: Brit Magyar Orvosszövetség), Charitable Unincorporated Association


  1. To promote and maintain the interests of its members and encourage networking among the Hungarian healthcare community in the UK.
  2. Promote communication and networking between Hungarian healthcare professionals living in the UK ang Hungary.
  3. To publish and circulate periodicals in the name of the Association with the object of promoting the advancement of medicine.
  4. To aid medically allied professionals and support them in optimizing their career opportunities.
  5. To provide better collective communications through the Association with local and central medical and non-medical bodies to maintain and promote the interests of the Members of the Association.
  6. To promote, support and set up charitable health projects within Hungary.
  7. To develop medical activities including medical services, teaching and research through organisation and co-operation between members and branches of the Association. To support continuous professional development of the members.
  8. To exchange professional information, expertise and technologies between the Association branches and other medical organisations within and outside the United Kingdom.
  9. T o support and work alongside the Student Hungarian groups.
  10. To support the development of healthcare education and policy in Hungary.
  11. Provide support/facilitate visits and return of Hungarian doctors in the Hungarian healthcare system.
  12. Support its members to maximize their knowledge transfer and benefit to Hungarian healthcare system.

We aim to deliver our objectives by organizing networking events, CPD activities, study trips, regular communication fora including internet-based fora as website, Facebook etc., regularly updated membership registry.

"Our big plan to organise a conference in Budapest for Hungarian doctors from all over the world and ask them to present their specific knowledge, skills, experiences."
Dr György Rákóczy
Deputy President

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GóbéFest 2019. május 24-26.

Albert SquareBetween Lloyds St. & Mount St., M2 5 Manchester Góbéfest is one of the largest celebrations of arts & culture from the Carpathian Basin

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